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Tarzan kreće u rat protiv Nijemaca u 'Tarzanu Nepoštećenog, koji je najduži (i možda najmračniji) roman s kraljem majmuna. To je pravi ep, a ne još jedna od brzih, a ponekad jezivih avantura s kojima se ponekad povezuje s Burroughsom. Zathura [PS2] PAL] MULTI.5. Smrtna kombatna obmana. Ocjenjivanje: Prvo izdanje 1920. godine "Tarzan neukroćeni", sezona. Objavljeno: 2020-01-18T03: 07: 23. Tarzan Untamed (2001. Iza glasovnih glumaca). Pogledajte Dogs PS3 Save Game Complete.


Sjetite se Tarzana: Neimenovani za GameCube i PS2. Van Helsing Iso. Tarzan: Neimenovani, Disney Wiki, Fandom. Pier Solar i veliki arhitekti [PS3] NPUB31476. Borderlands - Pred-nastavak - Objava GayForSatana. PS2 - Star Wars Epizoda III Osveta Sitha PAL FULLDVD Span.

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Tarzan: Untamed (known as Tarzan: Freeride in Europe and Japan) is a 2001 action-adventure video game developed by Ubi Soft Montreal for the PlayStation 2.


Tarzan Untamed Gamecube Nostalgia- Being unable to press the button fast enough to win as a kid, so gave up on the game (Nostalgia. [USA] H] Consoles, Controllers, Over 1K Games for Various Consoles (Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft) W] PayPal.

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For detailed information, see Robert B. Zeuschner's Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Bibliography (ERB, Inc., 2016). Click on or call 214-405-6741 to order a copy. TARZAN THE UNTAMED A Review Submitted by Doc Hermes This comics cover captures the essence of better than most of the book covers I found. This is really two separate Tarzan novels. The first has some of Edgar Rice Burroughs' most energetic and vivid writing, as Tarzan avenges the killing of Jane and burning of his plantation by slaughtering Germans in all directions. Continuing on from there, the second half (actually much longer than half) is okay but not up to the level of the first, as the Apeman rescues a young couple from a lost city of psychotics. I thought some of the impact of the German-killing rampage was weakened by the way the book then shifts direction and keeps going into more prosaic Tarzan themes for the bulk of the book. By the time everything is wrapped up on page 254, there has been so much hectic activity and drama that the massacre back at the Greystoke estate seems almost forgotten in the past. TARZAN THE UNTAMED was first serialized in RED BOOK from March to August 1919, while "Tarzan and the Valley of Luna" appeared in ALL-STORY WEEKLY in March and April 1920, thereafter being combined into the seventh book of the Tarzan saga. It`s been documented in a number of sources that Burroughs originally intended for Jane to be actually and permanently bumped off in this tale, but he was persuaded to spare her (her apparent death was a cruel hoax by the Germans) and learning that she is still in fact alive leads Tarzan off in pursuit in the next book, TARZAN THE TERRIBLE (one of the best in the series). Most commentary on this book has centered on the first part, where Tarzan finds his estate burned to the ground, the Waziri slaughtered and a charred body he thinks is Jane`s; out for revenge, the Apeman uses a hungry lion to help kill dozens of German soldiers, but he`s not above picking them off with a rifle from concealment. Burroughs doesn`t detest just the German war machine or Army, though; he grimly condemns the entire country and everyone in it ("It was Hate - and it brought to him a measure of solace and comfort, for it was a sublime hate that ennobled him as it has ennobled countless thousands since - hatred for Germany and Germans... it included everything German, animate or inanimate. ") Throughout the story, Tarzan finds himself reluctantly rescuing and assisting a beautiful young woman he knows as Bertha Kircher. He thinks she`s a German spy and deserves to be killed, but his innate chivalry keeps troubling him until he goes back and gets her out of danger. As it turns out, she`s not what she seems and his mixed feelings about her are vindicated. If Burroughs had been a bit more enlightened, he might have shown Tarzan gradually warming up to Bertha despite her Germanity (err, her Germanness? ) and slowly concluding that there could be good people in any culture. No such luck. Actually, Burroughs always seemed to despise the human race in general, and a few sympathetic American or English characters are all he could muster up. If it wasn`t for his formula requiring a young couple falling in love in each book, we wouldn`t have even that many likeable people in the series. The second part usually gets glossed over, as the Apeman tracks Bertha and a young English pilot (inevitably, they will tumble for each other and become engaged before THE END) to an unknown civilization deep in the wilderness. There is a classic scene where Tarzan, near death and lying weakly in the desert, has a vulture land on him; he quickly bites the vile bird to death and eats it. That`s a tough hero! Compared to Opar or the city of talking gorillas or the city of crusaders, Xuja isn`t an impressive creation. Its origin is never revealed or even hinted at, and the fact none of the protagonists get to learn the language limits any discussion with the inhabitants, keeping them undeveloped. The Xujans worship parrots and have domesticated lions, which they use as guard dogs. Lions are also their diet, the only food they like. Colorfully enough. the men and women of Xuja are literally a race of insane people. Their erratic behavior and mood swings keep Tarzan and his companions on their toes, and certainly make it easy to move the story along; the Xujans can be placid or homicidal or amorous as the plotting requires. There are so many doubtful aspects of Xuja that you have to crank your suspension of disbelief up as far it will go and even that may not work. They eat lion meat every day, which means they have to maintain a huge number of herd animals to feed the lions ("boar, deer and antelope") which also means they have to cultivate vast areas (in this valley in the desert) to support those herds. Is this practical? The Xujans don`t keep a minimum number of lions around for dinner, either; the darn big cats are all over the place. Raising crops to feed the herds to feed the lions to feed the Xujans... don`t count on any free time if you live there. The universal insanity of the Xuja population is given away by the fact that they look like lunatics. Burroughs has always mentioned that a well-shaped head (whatever he means by that) reveals a person`s intelligence and moral character, and here he reveals the opposite. ("They have all the earmarks [of madmen]. Whites of the eyes showing all around the irises, hair growing stiffly erect from the scalp and low down upon the forehead... even their mannerisms and their carriage are those of maniacs. ") I never realized so sharply how long ago it was that Burroughs wrote. He mentions theories and fads that have been discredited for so many decades that I have never heard of them, like this idea that insanity shows in the way your eyes are proportioned. (I also remember his unsettling proposal that, if you just execute the families of criminals, crime would entirely disappear for good. Glad he never ran for office. ) Burroughs still reminds us that, no matter what you may see on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic, lions, rhinos and elephants live in dense forests and make their ways along trails (fairly large ones, I would imagine). Also, a World War I bi-plane, with a wooden propeller and flimsy canvas wings, is perfectly capable of plowing through fifty grown men, cutting them to scattered streamers, and then taking off again without any need for repairs. My car should be so sturdy. Tarzan himself is presented here as the complicated union of opposites he is. This is where we see most clearly how the Apeman is a unique creature, part of two worlds but not completely belonging to either. Enraged by the massacre of his wife and retainers, he vows to never again have anything to do with people after he kills all the Germans he can find; but, almost immediately, the Apeman starts offering his help to the English forces in the area and he adopts the young man and woman who would die in the jungle without his help. Despite his sermons about how civilization produces only evil, in fact it is that side of his heritage that makes him heroic ("Tarzan`s conscience was troubling him, which accounted for the fact he compared himself to a weak, old woman, for the ape-man, reared in savagery and inured to hardships and cruelty, disliked to admit any of the gentler traitws that in reality were his birthright. ") As much as he rants about the evils of civilization, our hero soon is planning how to lead a tribe of apes to build storehouses for putting food away for hard times. ("He would try to teach them some of the better things that he had learned from man... ") And although he intrudes on a Dum-Dum dance and tackles the leader of a tribe of Mangani to be accepted as one of the boys, err apes, he is not too proud to use "a jujutsu hold that Tarzan had learned among civilized men" to get an advantage on the big guy. Although he claims to have only grudgingly learned a little bit of civilized ways to please Jane, you notice he speaks fluent German and has read classics in the original Latin on his own. Our boy likes to think of himself as pure Tarmangani, not a cursed human, but he doesn`t fool himself for long. Tarzan is complex, conflicted, yin and yang in one person, more than a little mixed-up. It`s what makes him such a fascinating creation. Review from the MANAPOP Site Tarzan declares war on Germany. That could have been an alternate title to this book as a good portion of it has Tarzan go all Rambo on the invading German forces during World War I. This story was released in serialized form as two separate stories in two different pulp magazines; �Tarzan the Untamed� (AKA �Tarzan and the Huns�) for Redbook Magazine in 1919, and as �Tarzan and the Valley of Luna� in All-Story Weekly in 1920. This is a grimmer and more brutal Tarzan than we have seen in the past books, and for a very good reason, his wife is murdered. If one was to make a list of things not to do I�m betting killing Jane, Tarzan�s most beloved wife, would probably appear near the top. There are certainly easier ways of killing yourself. The book begins with a group of German soldiers, and their native porters, approaching the Greystoke estate in British East Africa. The �War to End all Wars� has broken out but unfortunately that information had not yet reached Tarzan or Jane. Tarzan is away doing Tarzan stuff so it is Jane who welcomes these Germans in with open arms. Things do not go well. When Tarzan learns of the outbreak of war he ditches his civilian garb and races across the land with the speed and manner only Tarzan could accomplish, but he is too late. Much of the estate is burned to the ground; he finds one of his most trusted Waziri warriors crucified, but worst of all he finds the charred remains of Jane. Tarzan declares a silent oath that the men responsible for this will pay, and pay dearly. The first half of the book is pretty much all about a wrath filled Ape Man wreaking holy hell on the German forces while he tries to locate the men directly responsible for the atrocities he found at his home. He would grab a native porter for interrogation, scarring the living crap out of him, and then once he has gained what information he can get Tarzan would then crush the life out of the man. One German officer is left stuck in a tree with a hungry lion waiting for a meal, while others meet brutal if not as sadistic ends. At one point Tarzan takes the aforementioned lion, which he has leashed and beaten into submission, and forced him into the German trenches. When the hapless German soldiers flee the trenches Tarzan is there waiting for them, with a machine gun, and he rakes them with a deadly hail of bullets. His hunt for Captain Fritz Schneider runs into a few snags when he learns that the Schneider he left for lion chow in a tree was actually just the brother of the man who led the attack on the Greystoke estate. His continued hunt for the correct Schneider leads Tarzan to cross paths with Bertha Kircher, a woman he has seen in both the German and British camps, and who he believes to be a German spy. When Tarzan discovers that Kircher has in her possession his mother�s locket, which he had given as a gift to Jane, he is less than impressed with her. He decides to take her back to British headquarters, where he assumes that she will be executed for being a spy, but she manages to escape. This is not one of Tarzan�s finer moments. He basically told Bertha Kircher that he was going to personally escort her to her doom. Yet for some unearthly reason he lets her walk behind him, and with her still in possession of her gun. I know grief can make you do stupid things but that is a bit ridiculous. The only reason she doesn�t shoot him in the back of the head as she can�t bear the idea of killing such a magnificent specimen of manhood. So she just coldcocks him with the butt of her pistol. It�s at this point that Tarzan decides he has had about enough of civilization and will spend the remainder of his days deep in the jungle, living as he did as a young man, and far away from the supposed civilized world. What is strangely never mentioned is anything to do with John Clayton, Tarzan and Jane�s son. We know he went off to live with Miriam but wouldn�t it have been nice of Tarzan to maybe send his kid a letter, �Dear Son, going back to live with the apes. PS Your mom is dead. � I believe the death of Jane, and the lack of their son�s appearance in this book, has more to do with Burroughs� desire to have Tarzan free to run off and have adventures than it is about his bestial nature. A tied down Lord of the Jungle isn�t as fun as one that can rush off to investigate the latest lost city. And this book does have a lost city. In the first six books we�ve only had a couple of short visits to Opar, the lost outpost of Atlantis, but following this book lost cities will become so numerous one will start to question if there is enough jungle in Africa to hide them all. The second half of the book has to do with Tarzan trying to make a life with a new group of Apes, and maybe venturing to the coast and the cabin his father built, but his attempt at ditching civilization is constantly interrupted by the Bertha Kircher, the German spy. She is captured by black deserters and Tarzan is forced to rescue her. He is complete and utter hatred of her wars with his inability to leave a white woman in danger. He even lets her live with him and the apes. Yeah, that�s swell of him. Eventually another character enters the picture in the form of downed British pilot Harold Percy Smith-Oldwick. One of the great moments in the book consists of Tarzan and Percy about to be burnt at the stake by a group of cannibals when Bertha leads a rescue attempt consisting of the Great Apes. Tarzan repeated tells himself that he hates Bertha with every fibre of his being, but he also can�t help but acknowledge his growing respect for her. Poor Percy falls almost immediately in love with Bertha, even after Tarzan informs the British aviator that she is a German spy, but Berth does not return his love, she has eyes for another. You get three guesses as to who that person is, and the first two don�t count. This is a sprawling epic with Tarzan wiping out German soldiers, traveling desert wastes, battling cannibals, befriending lions (two of them in this book), and of course he finds a lost city. Only the inclusion of Bertha and Percy in the second half of the book, which is mostly jungle adventure and lost city finding, connects it to the first half, which is all about war and revenge. As I�ve mentioned this book does have a lost city, and it�s a doozy. The lost city of Xuja, hidden in a secret desert valley, is populated by inbred madmen who use lions for cattle and security, and worship parrots and monkeys. Bertha and Percy are of course captured by Xujans so it is up to Tarzan to stage another rescue. Will the Ape Man be able to sneak into a city of madmen, can Percy win the love of Bertha, will Tarzan actually desert civilization for good, and most importantly of all, �Is Jane really dead? � Tarzan the Untamed is bit lopsided at times and Tarzan constantly going on about how much he hates the German�s gets a bit grating. He did write this during the war so the anti-German sentiment is not surprising, but what he didn�t quite take into account was how sales of his books in Germany were going to suddenly plummet. I guess some people can�t handle being called cowardly, vile, despicable and evil. I mean seriously, who could possibly take that personally? In the book The Beasts of Tarzan Burroughs allowed us to spend more time with characters other than Tarzan, and Tarzan the Untamed is really where that element of the series kicks into high gear. Following the adventures of people like Bertha and Percy bring a fresh to the story, and of course this allows Burroughs to get in some fresh love interests as it�s hard to make that work with a married Ape Man. Overall Tarzan the Untamed is a fun if uneven story, but made a little extra awesome by having Tarzan going on a rampage. Check it out, you won�t be disappointed.

Posted: Friday, 20 March 2020. YouTube.

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Average rating 3. 81 · 2, 654 ratings 84 reviews | Start your review of Tarzan the Untamed (Tarzan, #7) One of the better Tarzan tales. The plot was a bit out there, but overall it moved well and kept me interested. This story takes place during the German Invasion of Africa in WWI, so we actually get to see Tarzan picking up a gun and shooting people, which was quite a change of pace. There's also airplanes in this story, another unusual event for Tarzan novels, at least up to this point. The hidden city in the valley isn't quite as unusual but is still cool. Tarzan is a bit more violent in this.. I'm so confused. I guess this book is a collection of short stories, like jungle tales of Tarzan. I need to go through it again in the short stories because some of this book was great and other bits of it just dragged on and on. Some of ERB's worst dialogue I've ever read. Full exposition for expositions sake. It's almost as if he wrote some of it and then threw in some fanfic for the rest. Even every plot thread is wrapped in the last two sentences and somehow manages to also include a.. This is the most amazing book. Of course, it reflects all of its Western disdain for Africa -- Burroughs was as much a colonialist as any of the Europeans. But in this book, written after WWI (1919), but taking a point at the start of the war as its focus -- at the beginning of the book, Tarzan, AKA Lord Greystoke, has just learned that hostilities between Britain and Germany now exist -- the book presents the Germans as harshly as the propaganda against Germany published during the war, when.. Set during WW!, Tarzan believes that German soldiers killed his wife, so he basically decides to go after every German soldier stationed in Africa. That's just how tough he is. Lots of good fights, a death trap involving a lion and hardly a hint of political correctness. Tarzan is away from his plantation home in British East Africa, and just when he learns that Britain is now at war with Germany in what would someday be called “The Great War”, his home is destroyed by invading German troops. Tarzan speeds home only to find it in ruins and his beloved wife, Jane, charred to a crisp. In Tarzan’s mind, all Germans must pay and so he trails them to the battle front in East Africa where he sets about exacting his revenge in brutal fashion. Eventually, Tarzan.. I just read (really re-read) Tarzan the Untamed for the hell of it last night -- bored and needed a book -- so I might as well drop a quickie review here. As Tarzan stories go, it is pretty plebian -- formulaic and dated (a lot of ERBs not too carefully hidden racism and his distorted view of Africa come through, and since this one is on Tarzan's participation in World War I the Germans are pretty bitterly portrayed as well. There's a bit of his carefully circumscribed sexuality in it -- Tarzan.. More of the same, except for some ugly war-time sentiment and some 'ennobling hate' which becomes even stronger in Tarzan and the Foreign Legion during WWII. As WWI breaks out, the Germans make a beeline for the absent Lord Greystoke's farm in Central Africa where they commit terrible atrocities. Reverting from Big Bwana to the Tarzan of the jungle and loincloth, Tarzan vows vengeance and does his bit for the British war effort, operating behind enemy lines to kill as many German soldiers as he.. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This series continues for far too long. It is more of the same in each subsequent book. I felt this book often repeated itself. I also don't understand why there is no mention of Tarzan's son after the book about him. It almost reinforces that Burroughs is writing for the sake of writing and not for telling a complete story. The transitions between different character's story lines was also difficult to follow. I have read all 24 of the Tarzan books. Read dates are from the mid 1970s through 1982. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Tarzan books. They made a great escape from high school and college. I still have all 24 books and they are at the top of my book shelf. I thought it was pretty neat to find the actual covers listed on Goodreads and there are no barcodes on the books, plus the cover price ranged from $1. 50-1. 95 for each book. was very good but long 600 + pages and only read it at night b4 i fall alseep and on afternoons at work so toook a while, but he keeps with his interesting writing style and you have to keep clicking to see what happens!!! Not a bad book and certainly typical of Burroughs. I did not understand how John/Tarzan and Jack/Korak were separated and then we never hear from Jack/Korak again in this book. Odd. I wish ERB would have had a better idea of what to do with Jane. I liked this one a lot. Tarzan's vengeance. Thank heavens Edgar kept writing Tarzan tales... I'm addicted!!! The Messenger of Death: Early in WW 1, about 1915, German forces invaded British East Africa in a campaign of terror and destruction. One of their primary goals was to force all British colonies and citizens out of East Africa forever. It wasn’t long before one of the German expedition set their sights on the estate of Lord And Lady Greystoke, Tarzan and Jane. What follows is a dark and violent Tarzan novel as the Ape Man tracks down the German solders responsible for pillaging his home, killing.. tarzan the untamed... #7 in the series. probably a good idea to read at least the 1st one or two before jumping around as i am finished Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar.. this and that on the 's only about a half-dozen kindle variations listed here at wid dat?.. half the fun of tarzan is those great covers the paperbacks here i am. #20 or so from burroughs-edgar-rice for me. i think the first burroughs, ever, was The Mucker... a great.. By the Time Burroughs had written the seventh Tarzan novel, Tarzan the Untamed, in eight years, it feels as though Burroughs was already either exhausted or tired of writing about Tarzan's adventures, although he wrote several more books starring the Ape-Man. Tarzan is away on a trip, only to return as quickly as possible to his home with Jane and all their servants and workers, for fear that the war (WWI) will soon be landing upon Africa's eastern coast. The German's, aware of who Lord.. Tarzan goes to war against the Germans in ‘Tarzan the Untamed, ’ the longest (and perhaps the darkest) of the novels featuring the King of the Apes. It is a true epic rather than another of the quick and sometimes tongue-in-cheek adventures one sometimes associates with Burroughs. That does not make it better than those, by any means. I am not particularly convinced by the trench warfare he has transplanted to east Africa. That’s not too important; it’s not historical fiction, after all. And there.. A rather good entry in the Tarzan series, its origins as a serialized tale (I assume) are evident, as the plot caroms from one incident to the next with only the bare bones of an overarching plot to guide it. The story is set in motion by the arrival of German soldiers at Tarzan's East African estate while Tarzan is away. Tarzan returns to find his home burned to the ground (the second time this has happened, by the way), his faithful servant crucified, and his beloved Jane burned to a crisp... "I have all my life before me and in the jungle there is no reason to hate. We are not forever running as fast as we can from one place to another as you are of the outer world. " Okay, so first and foremost, I have a question.... Where is Tarzan's son? We see him as the lead in The Son of Tarzan, but then he's like, never seen, not even mentioned again. Are these books not chronological? Did he go live in the jungle with his princess? What's going on? Anywho, that being said. This book is okay. We.. #7 in the Tarzan series. Set in British East Africa in 1914 during WWI, the story has a German led raiding party burning Tarzan's plantation and slaughtering the inhabitants during his absence. Set over a hundred years ago, and written contemporaneously, the reader better understands the attitude of Tarzan towards all Germans. Less palatable, but a sign of the times, is the blatant racism as Tarzan describes the black natives as both savage and simple minded. Read as a product of its time, this.. This story had some very interesting elements and fine descriptive moments such as his trip across the desert and befriending Numa. Aside from that it was either a repetitive string of him saving Bertha, then her returning the favor, and then a step way beyond credulity when Usanga takes flying lessons in order to get his 24 wives (this from a dude who is afraid of one! ). The tale completely lost me when they discover the lost city of Xuja. I am not sure what the point of that visit was, though.. LibriVox edition read by various volunteers. A decent action novel set during WWI; in the first third of this book Tarzan becomes involved with national hostilities for personal reasons, then mostly puts those reasons aside when he and others become stranded in the African interior. Being noble of character, Tarzan tries to assist the Europeans in returning to their regiments rather than leaving them behind to live life as only he prefers - deep in the solitude of the jungle. Once again the.. WW1 has just begun and a horrible tragedy strips Tarzan of his veneer of civilization and sends him on a mission of revenge against the German army. He ends up having many adventures involving a captured lion, a British/German spy and Parrot Kings. Though most of the story was great, the conversation between the Lieutenant and Bertha after the crash was a little too corny and sickly sweet. Footnote: 1) Neither my husband nor I had realized that the WW1 African campaigns had extended so far south.. This Tarzan story makes him seem too over confident and this leads to him making mistakes and then the secondary characters have to save his bacon many times. The views of WWI countries were prevalent and most came off as being made fun off. The names of the characters were over exaggerated according to the country they were from. Then the whole strange land in the middle of the desert almost made you think it was a mirage and not an actual place. The ending doesn’t complete the story. It makes you.. Tarzan returns to his estate in Africa to find it all but destroyed and, under the mistaken impression that his wife Jane has been killed like many of his retainers and servants, loses his shit and vows John Wick-like revenge on the Germans who did it and promptly proceeds to implement it. Too bad this was published in 1920, so the bad guys are just WW1-style Germans and not actual Nazis. That's the only way this could have been more pulpy. I'm honestly a bit surprised to see that not even.. When I first read this at age 11, I hadn't heard of WWI, and I certainly hadn't known that it reached into Africa. I am grateful for what I learned from reading this series, and they are jam-packed with adventure and romance. This one seems like ERB ran out of ideas and just mailed it in. and we're only #7 of the long series..... Story starts off interesting in that Jane dies right off the bat and i'm thinking well, this will take the series in a whole new direction, but the story really never came together for me. World War I has broken out and German troops have attacked Lord Greystoke's (aka Tarzan's) landholdings and massacred his Waziri. And he finds a charred female body who he believes is Jane. And he is off to avenge her! And the story takes off from there. The trend of Tarzan finding lost cities really begins in this book and, while some of his discoveries are pretty good this is not one of my favorites. I did enjoy seeing Tarzan's actions during The Great War though.

Gamers have always wanted to go half-naked into the jungles and mingle happily with apes and monkeys. Publisher Ubi Soft knows their desires all too well -- sick as they may be, and it's with this in mind that it has developed Tarzan Untamed, a 3D action-platformer based on the Disney Tarzan feature film. The game follows an all-new storyline, features a variety of different play modes and proudly boasts a superbly produced cartoon style similar to the movie. But in the end it's a title that's nearly as simple as the ape-man himself, and it's primarily for this reason that it comes recommended as a rental to most. Features Inspired by the surfing elements found in the recent animated classic Featuring the return of characters Tarzan, Jane, Terk and many others Experience the rush of jungle-based extreme sports ranging from bungee jumping to tree surfing Lush 3D environments that mock the movie visuals Collect rare items as you explore the vast 3D worlds Perform frontside rodeos, backflips, spins and more extreme tricks Features quicker load times over PS2 version Runs at improved fluidity -- 60 frames per second Features enhanced textures Gameplay The story of Tarzan Untamed picks up shortly after the film left off. The primate hero has somehow convinced his girlfriend Jane and her father Professor Porter to stay with him in the jungle so that he can remain the protector to the gorillas that raised him. But sooner or later a scientist named Oswald Gardner shows up on the island and, with his henchmen, begins to trap and capture Tarzan's ape family and friends. It's up to players to free the character's monkey buddies and restore order to the jungle. Tarzan Untamed is a 3D action-platformer on rails -- or, in other words, while it's fully polygonal, it follows a set path, and sometimes branching paths. Tarzan makes his way through immense, detailed jungle and cave-like areas, does battle with the occasional enemy, swings across vines, surfs tree branches, slides through the insides of trees, bounces off of spring-plants, chucks spears and more. The character is manipulated with the analog stick or D-Pad, A jumps, B wrestles and picks up spears, Y throws them and X is used for yelling. It's a very simplistic setup that gamers will have no problems adapting to with little practice. However, moving Tarzan forward and around the land environments is sometimes frustrating as the character is very sticky; sometimes when he walks he slows down for no apparent reason as if caught on something or stuck in mud. It's not a flaw that can't be played past, but it's annoying and given that Ubi Soft has attempted to mimic the fast-action cartoon this certainly breaks from the feel of the movie, and for that matter the rest of the game. On the other hand, when Tarzan isn't walking, but surfing or swinging, the sense of speed and motion unravels flawlessly and feels quite on par with the animated movie. There are branching paths the primate can investigate in these exploration stages. Most lead to secret film reels, which must be collected along the adventure to unlock new levels and eventually reveal a hidden movie for all to enjoy. Ubi Soft has also extended the length of the decidedly short title by locking some of the paths until Tarzan has beaten some of the side challenges that unlock new abilities. It's a nice touch, but it follows a very popularized find-and-collect videogame formula that may wear thin on seasoned players. Luckily the title features other modes of play. There are levels in which Tarzan must surf down roaring rapids whilst dodging rocks and enemies. There are stages centered on skiing through vine-filled lakes while avoiding rocks and other hazards. There are bungie jump locations in which the hero must plunge himself through the air and down into a lake below. And truth be told, these stages -- all of them -- are more intuitive and cleverly designed than the standard exploration lot, which makes one wonder why Ubi Soft didn't simply focus primarily on them. Tarzan Untamed running on GameCube Certainly we've got our complaints with Tarzan Untamed's various gameplay mechanics and modes. But in the end we'd be liars if we said we didn't have fun with it in some simple fashion. It's just, quite frankly, with a quickly learned control setup and a repeating stream of the same levels and different textures, an experience that is more suited to younger players than it is to hardcore gamers. No multiplayer modes and an overall quickly bested main adventure also make it a perfect rental. Graphics Ubi Soft has got some great artists. That's a fact that cannot be denied. Whether its Rayman or Batman, the developer's games always have a certain flair to them that is unsurpassed. Tarzan Untamed is no different. The game closely recreates the look of the feature film and does quite a strong job of it. Tarzan looks as he does in the cartoon and for the most part his animation is up to snuff too. He loosely swings from vines, wobbles and skis over water, and even sways back and forth with foes as he fights. The game's polygonal surroundings are beautiful too. Huge vines that stretch in every direction, cartoon-ized water with impressive reflections and an overall decent, but not exceptional texture quality come together for a very welcomed visual presentation that's very reminiscent of the film. There are certain areas in the game -- rare for sure, that are too dark, which makes it difficult for players to successfully navigate without first dying. Not a major problem, but noteworthy all the same. Also, though we haven't witnessed for ourselves, Ubi Soft claims that the GameCube version of Tarzan runs with a better framerate -- 60 -- than it does on PlayStation 2. Sound The audio portion of Tarzan Untamed is adequate. It does its best to realize the aural experience of the movie, but falls short in some key areas. Levels feature well-composed scores from the movie (and thankfully no Phil Collins), as well as an acceptable selection of jungle noises -- from birds chirping to cats growling. Tarzan can yell quite loud and with force, some characters offer humorous speech, monkeys make funny monkey noises, but it's also all very generic in the end. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary or ambient. It gets the job done. Verdict Tarzan Untamed is a relatively mindless, yet admittedly fun 3D action-platformer. Developer Ubi Soft has done a remarkable job of recreating the look and feel of the movie. It in fact resembles the cartoon very closely. There is a strong selection of different play modes to keep some gamers satisfied and the overall control mechanics are well executed, if formulaic. But there are a few problems too. First, Tarzan himself has a tendency to stick to the ground as if caught in an oil slick when he moves through the exploration levels. Second, the game is perhaps a little too easy for the serious player and it offers no real incentive to return once it's beaten. And thirdly, while the game serves up several different types of stages, it also regurgitates them, albeit with different texture sets and design, onto the player so that the whole process becomes predictable. In the end, this is still a fun game. It's just not a terribly deep one. That is why it's recommended primarily as a rental or as a great buy for parents looking to get their kids something for the holiday.